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International Zine Month Day 5 Zine Shirt: 2009 London Zine Symposium

2009 London Zine SYmposium.

I got this shirt on my awesome trip to the UK and France in 2009 where I met lots of great friends. I hope to make it back again soon for crucial hang out and drinking real ale!


International Zine Month Is Official!

I just got confimation e-mail from Chases Book Of Days that International ZIne Month will be included in the 2010 Chases Calendars & Events! It won’t be included for 2009, but that’s alright. We have an official zine month, how rad is that?

So, what are you doing for International Zine Month? Are you writing a piece for the Entry Points Comp Zine? Are you coming to the Portland Zine Symposium? Are you going to make zine for the 24 Hour Zine Thing? Or do you have another idea to add? Let me know!

International Zine Month Comp Zine

In celebration of International Zine Month for July 2009 I am creating a compilation zine about how YOU got into zines. The zine will be titled, “ENTRY POINT” aka “How did I get myself into this mess?” It’s time to spill your guts about how Sassy Magazine, Riot Grrrl, the book Hard Love, etc turned you into the zinester you are today.

The format will be 1/2 sized. What I would like is for each zinester wanting to take part to submit their own ONE page of a 1/2 zine, already layed out. I think it will give an interesting look to have all of these zinesters from all around the world use their own style and layout techniques to talk about how they got into zines. If you want to be able to be contacted, or even promote your own projects, please list your contact information on your page.

I would prefer that these are mailed to me so i can paste them all ready to go in a mock up. Emailing is also an option, but remember the quality just won’t be as good if i have to print it out.

Each person who has an entry and any zine distros interested will receive a “flat” from me. The idea is to give this zine away for FREE in the month of July. You can make your own copies to give out to as many people as possible.

If you wish to participate please submit your piece NO LATER than April 30, 2009. I will do the mock up in May and i will ensure everyone has their flat at the beginning of June so they can get their copies ready for International Zine Month in July.

Submit work to:

Nicole Introvert
P.O. Box 35501
Richmond, VA 23235

Questions? nicole.introvert@gmail.com