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ALL MONTH in July 2011!

24 HOUR ZINE THING– All month during International Zine Month this challenge is open to all who wish to take part. The goal is to create a zine in 24 hours any day in July! Are you up for the challenge?


July 8

Richmond, Virginia 24 Hour Zine Challenge (US)

Milwaukee Zine Librarian (un)Conference (US)

July 9

Auckland (New Zealand) 24 Hour Zine Workshop

Birmingham (UK) Zine Fair

Milwaukee Zine Librarian (un)Conference (US)

July 13

Portland Zine Symposium’s Word Game Wednesday at the Waypost (US)

July 16

Portland, Oregon 24 Hour Zine Challenge (US)

Auckland Zine Fest (New Zealand)

July 21
International Zine Library Day! (everywhere on planet earth!)
July 23
July 29
July 30


4 responses to “2011 EVENTS

  1. Can you please add our ‘zine event? Thanks!

    We are having a ‘zine show at the WNY Book Arts Center in Buffalo, NY, opening July 16!

    Wide Margins: An Exhibition of ‘Zines from the Sublime to the Silly

    Showcasing the wide range of content and form that exists in this genre, this exhibition will also demonstrate how zines relate strongly to the art and craft of bookbinding and book arts in general, and will include spotlighted zinesters whose work evolved into what can be considered “book art”.

    Both the history of zine-making, as well as the contemporary scene will be addressed, and zines on all topics (including but not limited to politics, comics, fan fiction, art and design, ephemera, and personal journals) and from all eras will be shown.

    Exhibition on view from July 16-September 3. For more information, visit http://www.wnybookarts.org/zineshow.php

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  3. sassyfrasscircus

    July 30th is the DC Zine Fest! http://dczinefest.com/

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