During conversations with friends I found myself saying “Wouldn’t it be rad if there was an International Zine Month?” Which led to the question as to who who make it official. This was actually a silly question since zines are inherently DIY there was no one who would make it official, but I could Do It Myself. I decided to propose the idea on the We Mazine Zines forum and people seemed really excited about it. I figured to pair it with the 24 hour Zine thing would be a good idea and since that takes place in the month of July…. JULY IS INTERNATIONAL ZINE MONTH!

In the month of July I’d love for you to celebrate zines and independent publishing with people all over the world. This is not a spectator sport! I’m asking your to get involved!

Here are just some idea please send me more if you have them:

Set up a zine reading, a zine swap, a cut and paste party, a zine fest, or even a simple zine workshop at your local library or community center. Write a letter to every zine you read, leave your zine at random places around town like buses, bathrooms or universities. Order zines directly from the creator, make a shirt with iron on letters that says “ask me about zines”, make buttons with phrases like “zines saved my life” or “do you read zines”. Send out zine fliers with your mail or leave them around your town. Approach shops in your town about carrying zines, donate to zine libraries…..

This website is a place for people to submit information about local zine happenings and I’ll post them in the events section here.


Alex Wrekk


6 responses to “ABOUT IZM

  1. great ideas!!!
    but i’ve just seen it minutes ago..
    and feeling that i should start from zero to know more..

    but I really really excited with this!


  2. We are having a ‘zine show at the WNY Book Arts Center in Buffalo, NY, opening July 16!

    Wide Margins: An Exhibition of ‘Zines from the Sublime to the Silly

    Showcasing the wide range of content and form that exists in this genre, this exhibition will also demonstrate how zines relate strongly to the art and craft of bookbinding and book arts in general, and will include spotlighted zinesters whose work evolved into what can be considered “book art”.

    Both the history of zine-making, as well as the contemporary scene will be addressed, and zines on all topics (including but not limited to politics, comics, fan fiction, art and design, ephemera, and personal journals) and from all eras will be shown.

    Exhibition on view from July 16-September 3. For more information, visit http://www.wnybookarts.org/zineshow.php

  3. hey, no idea how i stumbled upon this- buttt..yeah, me and my friends who make the zineDePrinceton in nj are looking to have some sort of venue for viewing our zine and we are kind of clueless as to how to do this. it’s all hand drawn, and we just want the viewer to be able to read the zine online, like as if they were reading it at home. like pdf or as like a slideshow of sorts. any suggestions? you can email us @

    much thanks !

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