More IZS stuff!

Cherylsjournals talks about International Zine Month on her blog here!

24hour zine thing writes about it here.

Broken Pencil has written something about IZM and states that they are using the month to profile zine creators and zine events. Read more about it here.

I have also added more events to the event page here.

And in a bit of a silly display/celebration, I will be posting photos of me in zine related shirts for as long as my shirts last. I have been to 10 Portland Zine Symposiums and a dozen other zine events in 4 countries so I  have at least 20 shirts. I’m open to suggestions of shirts to add to the collection! Check out my dailybooth here. So far the shirts I have worn are: a 2011 Chicago Zine fest, Queer Zine Archive Project “Zinesters do it on the photocopier”, 2005 Portland Zine Symposium.

Let me know what is going on in your area and I’ll post it!



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