Monthly Archives: March 2010

A couple of things…

1) I signed the paper work for the inclusion of July as International Zine Month for 2011! It is already on the list for 2010. So, I hope you are all planning new and exciting this for this year!

2) The 1oth annual Portland Zine Symposium is happening August 28 & 29th!

We are still looking for submissions for artwork. Go here for more details.

Artwork needs to be received by March 15th!

3) Speaking of March 15th…

I (your humble curator of this blog, Alex Wrekk) will be reading from Brainscan 25 at Powell’s for the Smallpressapalooza. Paul will be accompanying me with an acoustic guitar. And we may actually sing and acoustic version of this song about our first date when we watched the Opera Carmen!