Are you ready? Get set! GO!

Tomorrow starts July… and International Zine Month? What are you plans? i know I have a zine in the works!


Click Clack Distro will be giving out a free copy of Entry Points with every distro order. Entry points is a comp zine specifically for International Zine Month Zine with zinesters telling their own stories about how they got into zines.


2 responses to “Are you ready? Get set! GO!

  1. Wa-hoo! Although in a month I out out roughly 0.4 of a copy of Beat Motel!

  2. The Attack!!!!tacular (listed in ‘events’ on this very blog, list fans) is Saturday and I am in a state of mild hysteria about trying to make sure it all comes together… it’ll be fiiiine, it’ll be fiiine…

    Meanwhile I’m also planning to launch Attack!!!! 13 at the same event. *goes mad*.

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